Insurance company move and infrastructure upgrade

Insurance company move and infrastructure upgrade

An environment and construction insurance company approached us looking to switch from their current IT provider, upgrade their ageing server environment and assist with office move that was coming up in few months.
The server server environment consisted of HP DL360G6 and HP ML370 G5 servers, Sun SunFire V210 and V240 servers, an older out-of-warranty Datto Siris backup appliance and a single 48-port 100MBps HP switch.
njVantage technicians analyzed, investigated and documented the following information:

  • Transitioned knowledge from old IT provider.

  • Infrastructure configurations documented.

  • Triage all open issues with stakeholders.

  • Reviewed all systems and their functions.

  • Installed management tools for supporting environment properly.

  • Configured lights-out remote access to environment where possible.

  • Installed remote monitoring software to proactively monitor the environment.

  • Installed Desktop Management for Remote Access and optimal remote support.

  • Documented any other miscellaneous items regarding the environment.

It is critical that you maintain the proper level of support on servers that run your business applications. Typical life span of a server is 5 years. After 5 years it becomes very difficult if not impossible to purchase additional warranty or parts.

Chief aim

Our main recommendation was to decommission one or both of the HP servers and condense the content currently housed between both servers to a configuration that features single VM host housing 4-5 VM guests